Nectar for Recognition & Rewards

Recognition is meant to be social

Celebrate wins of all sizes throughout your team or organization with our real-time Peer Recognition & Rewards platform.

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Make recognition simple, meaningful & inclusive

Instill company values & drive interaction by enabling employees to recognize each other publicly with micro-bonuses that can be redeemed for gift cards or swag.

Recognition Feed

Recognition Feed

Recognition appears on a public feed increasing the visibility of all the awesomeness that's happening across your organization or team

Monthly Allowance

Monthly Allowance

Each employee receives a monthly point allowance that you determine which can only be used to recognize their peers. Points don't roll over each month so if they don't use it, they lose it.

Company Values

Company Values

Attaching company values to recognition is the best way to instill them into your culture. With Nectar you can do just that so that every public shout-out increases visibility of your values.

Rewards & Swag

Rewards & Swag

Employees can save up and redeem the points they've been given for gift cards or company swag. Give them the gift of choice with hundreds of options including brands like Nike, Amazon, and Visa.

Insights & People Analytics

Insights & People Analytics

Get data on participation, teams & leaderboards to see what's working and what needs improvement. Track budgets & export financial reports to stay compliant.

Recognition Feed Monthly AllowanceCompany ValuesRewards & SwagInsights & People Analytics

Create a culture of recognition

Personalized Rewards

Over 100 digital gift cards

Empower choice. Let employees choose any gift card they want including top brands like Amazon, Visa, Walmart, Target & more!

On demand swag

Reduce the headache of running an e-commerce store within your company. NO MORE SWAG INVENTORY. Through our partner, Axomo, we will create you a custom swag store that delivers your company swag directly to employees' doorstep whenever they order it so you don't have to manage anything.

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Why use Nectar for your recognition

Perpetually Free

We don't charge anything for our software, enabling you to send more points to employees that they can redeem for personalized rewards.

It runs itself

Minimize the administrative burden of rewards programs. Once you're up and running, you'll be amazed at the extra time you've created to focus on other core tasks.

Reinforce your values

Everytime someone gives out recognition they attach a company value. This helps instill your values into your culture.

Drive connection & appreciation

Reduce the friction involved in celebrating small or big wins across people, teams, & departments so that appreciation becomes constant and visible.

Link dispersed teams

It's hard to build an inclusive culture with remote teams. Help bring everyone together through our platform so your whole workforce is on the same page.

Don't pay for unused points

You're only charged when employees choose to redeem their points for gift cards or swag. This helps you save money by not having to pay for points that go unused.

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Build a culture people are proud of without breaking the bank